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Verhaeren, E. The Three Articles. Translated and commented by Akopian, K. Z.

Published in journal "Philology: scientific researches", 2012-4 in rubric "Imagination and its fruits", pages 11-17.

Resume: Three short articles written by Emile Verhaeren about art considerably differ from one another. The first article, Sensitivity for Art, is the highly artistic and original description of the feelings and emotions experienced by the art lover towards the artwork and can be described as the ‘poem in poetry’, while the second article, Academic Spirit, is the essay which author cautions against ‘contamination’ with this spirit. The third article is the critical article which truthfully and artistically describes museology in French province at the end of XIX century. This article could be of interest for Russian museologists.

Keywords: philology, Verhaeren, art, perception, pleasure, academy, museology, painting, province, feeling.

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