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Bertalanffy, L. New Approach to the Problem of Soul and Body Translated by Rudneva, E. G.

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2012-10 in rubric "The unpredictable", pages 77-89.

Resume: As a rule, philosophers start with the proposition that dualism of the physical and spiritual worlds are something undeniable. However, as psychology often proves, it is not so easy at all. Perception of very simple items such as a chair, house, or a person is not only the sum of sensations or sense data as philosophers positivists like to describe it. Perception is based on the gestalt of sense data plus memory plus formation of concepts, verbal and other symbols plus conditions for a proper usage of the object and many other factors as well. Researches show that even at laboratory perception is driven by ones motivation and expected reward.

Keywords: psychology, body, soul, philosophy, somatics, psychosomatics, dualism, interaction, biology, experience.

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