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Shvidkovskiy D.O. John Webb and the birth of the exotic universalism in the XVII England

Published in journal "History magazine: researches", 2012-1 in rubric "Culture and cultures in historical context", pages 77-83.

Resume: the article shows key milestones of the biography of a professional architect and amateur philologist Webb J., shows the feature of his world of thinking, which can be described as an exotic universalism — a search for the ideal culture not only in classical sources, but also in very unexpected spheres, as well as ways to solve on of the key questions of British architectural culture of the XVII century — the question of the primacy of the classical or natural ideal.

Keywords: history, history of British architecture, Jones I., Webb J., exotic universalism, Stonehenge, “Antiques of China” by Webb J., art “protolanguage”, “architectural” mentality, fatigue of the domination of the classical ancient origin.

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