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Lukianov G. I., Cherednichenko, I. A. Development of Theoretical Aspects of the Social Transformation Defi nition

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2011-12 in rubric "Social studies and monitoring", pages 82-89.

Resume: The article is devoted to the theoretical and methodological grounds of social transformation ongoing in the world now. The author gives the defi nition of social transformation as a combination of systematic changes of social sphere of the society. Special attention is paid at the fact that phenomenologically, social transformation is refl ected in the social reality. The author conducts explication and comparative analysis of essential characteristics of the term social change (as an element of the defi nition social transformation) and social transformation. The process of social revolution is viewed as one of the outcomes of social transformation. Based on the analysis of a number of terms characterizing the social changes such as transfer, evolution, revolution, re-evolution the author of the article concludes that the social transformation is the most universal category, i.e. it has a wider content.

Keywords: social studies, social transformation, social reality, social change, social control, social structure, social revolution, social evolution, defi nition, cultural code.


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