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Tschelokova, Yu. V. Human Being in Erich Fromms Interpretation

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2011-8 in rubric "Philosophy and psychology", pages 8-17.

Resume: Erich Fromms name has become symbolic long time ago. He represents a whole epoch that opposed to totalitarianism and servility and tried to add humanistic dimension to the social history. Fromm is popular all over the world and his ideas influence the modern consciousness greatly. Many works about Fromm have been published recently. These works mostly describe him as one of the brightest figures in humanistic psychology. The author of this article tries to view Fromms ideas from the point of view of philosophical anthropology.

Keywords: psychology, philosophical anthropology, individual, human being, personality, totalitarianism, humanism, value, freedom, authoritarianism, social character.


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