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Kozolupenko, D. P. Peculiarities of Mythopoetical Perception of the World

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2011-4 in rubric "Spiritual reincarnation", pages 58-73.

Resume: The author describes the two lines of researching a myth, - the interpreting poetic study and the socio-psychological one. As a part of the first line, the author describes the three approaches which were formed during the Ancient Times and have been lived through all this time up to the present. It is shown that all these three approaches have the same drawback: they are basically interpretative which is completely inadmissible when studying a myth. The certain advantage of the second line of research (which covers a number of approaches, too) is an attempt to interpret a myth based on the pattern of the mythological perception of the world (even if it seems absurd from the point of view of a modern European) and try to understand which role such perceptions played in the primitive society and which psychological and social functions a myth performed.

Keywords: psychology, cultural studies, myth, mythopoetics, peculiarities, perception of the world, study, interpretation, logic, symbol, archetype.

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