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Aksenova G.V. In respect of known perceptions and works in the architectural arts: about the value of life and work of the restorer F.F. Richter

Published in journal "History magazine: researches", 2011-2 in rubric "CULTURAL HERITAGE - HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL ARTEFACTS", pages 0-0.

Resume: the article is devoted to the work of the architect, Professor, Academician F.F. Richter, who entered the history of Russian culture as a prominent restorer, created a unique museum in Moscow the Chamber of Romanovs boyars. Architectural drawings made by F.F. Richter influenced the development of Russian architectural thought and encouraged the opening up of Russian cultural heritage, the recognition of the Russian style in art. Analysis of F.F. Richter works allowed to show his contribution to the study and preservation of historical heritage of ancient Russia and its role in the interpretation of these traditionsin the XIX century.

Keywords: history, history of Moscow, architecture, restoration, conservation, Russian style, Old Culture, Imperial Kremlin Palace, the Chamber of Romanovs boyars, Richter.

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