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Ursul, A. D., Ursul, T. A. Phenomenon of Education from the Angle of the Global Evolution

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2010-4 in rubric "Humanitarian projects", pages 0-0.

Resume: The article suggests the evolutionary approach to studying the world education in the perspective of unfolding global processes and globalization in the first place. Survival of the humankind will be conditioned by various forms of the global education oriented at an effective overcoming of the global anthropological crisis. Evolution of the global processes is already influencing the world education. The authors analyze the problem of formation and evolution of the subject and content of the global education as a new form of education corresponding to the epoch of globalization. It is suggested that there is a need in a drastic transformation of the modern education as an evolutionary movement from its post-industrial form to the education for a sustainable development and further to the noospheric education

Keywords: social studies, globalization, globalization of education, global education, global processes, noospheric education, education for sustainable development, sustainable development, futurization, evolutionary approach


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