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Goncharenko, L. I. Tax Education in Russia: Competitive Potentials and Factors of its Realization

Published in journal "Taxes and Taxation", 2010-1 in rubric "MODERN TAX EDUCATION", pages 0-0.

Resume: The article summarizes the discussions held at International Scientific and Methodic Conference in Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, section ‘Taxes and Taxation”. Discussions mostly evolve around requirements for training taxation specialists in conditions of growing competition in education; peculiarities of organization of education process when realizing the federal state educational standard of the ‘third generation’; teaching Bachelors and Masters; organization and methodical support (with training manuals, for instance) of new forms of lectures and independent work of students and so on.

Keywords: tax, education, teaching, Bachelor, Master, conference, Finance Academy, competitive ability, science, standard.

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