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Ursul, A. D., Ursul, T. A. Phenomenon of Education from the Angle of the Global Evolution
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The article suggests the evolutionary approach to studying the world education in the perspective of unfolding global processes and globalization in the first place. Survival of the humankind will be conditioned by various forms of the global education oriented at an effective overcoming of the global anthropological crisis. Evolution of the global processes is already influencing the world education. The authors analyze the problem of formation and evolution of the subject and content of the global education as a new form of education corresponding to the epoch of globalization. It is suggested that there is a need in a drastic transformation of the modern education as an evolutionary movement from its post-industrial form to the ‘education for a sustainable development’ and further to the noospheric education

Gredneva, T. V. Monitoring of the Main Social Indices and Indicators of Development of Ryazan as the Grounds for the Innovation Model of Municipal Government
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The article studies innovation models of municipal government of Ryazan from the point of view of geopolitical location of Russia. The author analyzes the environmental situation and living standards. Such a monitoring gives an opportunity to view the theory and practice of improvement of the local government as a continuous and interdependent process. The monitoring also enables to promptly correct tactical mistakes and failures of the municipal government

Morozov, A. I. Some Issues of Legal Regulation of the State Youth Policy
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The article considers some issues of legal regulation of the state youth policy. In particular, the author speaks of the need in a related federal law and studies the questions of the regional and municipal law making in this sphere. It is concluded that there is a certain need in unification and systematization of the legal regulation of the state youth policy. The author describes perspectives of regulatory legal acts related to the youth issue as well as new approaches to the common vision of state policy regarding new generation, — ‘juvenile policy’

Bykov, D. N. On Minimization of Social Inequality in Russia in the Framework of Development of the Human Capital
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The author of the article studies the main trends of the state policy on minimization of social inequality in the Russian Federation. The author analyzes the statistics related to inequality of population in Russia in comparison with the other countries. The author also gives a critical review of existing target programs in the country

Tuzhba, E. N. On the Grounds for Recognition of Independence of Abkhazia
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The author of the article describes grounds for recognition of independence of Abkhazia by other states. Based on the main criteria, Abkhazia is the sovereign entity of the international law

Shilov, V. N. On the Question of Political Modernization in Modern Russia
Published in journal "Politics and Society", ¹ 4, 2010

The author analyzed existing conceptions of political modernization in Russia. It is concluded that there is no need of drastic changes of the political system. It is proved that today’s priority should be the development of political culture of Russian society, formation of commitment to absolute observance to the formal political procedure, rise of civil activity and responsibility of citizens. The author makes a thesis that forthcoming modernization of Russia will be connected with a possible growth of social tension in the country and it will be the efficiency and stability test for the political system of Russia

Gurevich, P. S. Please Speak for the Poor Homo…
Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", ¹ 4, 2010

This is the review of the book ‘The Human and the Other’ by one of distinguished modern philosophers V. A. Kutyrev. The book is devoted to the problems of a place of human in our modern world, his existence and survival.

Goncharuk, E. A. Love for Death
Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", ¹ 4, 2010

Philosophers and psychologists have always treated the topic of death with interest. They’ve also paid attention at a quite paradoxical phenomenon – human aspiration for death. The author of the article analyzed Freud, Fromm and Jung’s conceptions of death. Special attention is drawn at necrophilia as a psychological phenomenon.

Karazeeva, Zh. V. Personal Psychological Traits of a Lecturer
Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", ¹ 4, 2010

The article describes the results of the research of psychological traits of lecturers at universities of advanced training of state officers. The author analyzed the results of a psychological testing of lecturers’ personal traits and how these traits influence their success in teaching. The author also described the ‘successful’ personal traits of a lecturer.

Filatov, O. K. Conception of Continuous Education as a Basis for Development of Educational Technologies
Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", ¹ 4, 2010

The author of the article assumes that education should be an ever-continuous process. In his article the author discusses the problem of a professional competence as the key problem for modernization of the society. The author proves the need for a constant renovation of knowledge.

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