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«Man and Culture»
Policy of publication. Aims & Scope.

In accordance with the nomenclature of scientific fields the journal specializes in the following disciplines:

24.00.00 - Culturology, 17.00.00 - Art History, 07.00.00 - Historical Sciences

This publication adheres to the principles of courteousness, humanity, and democracy; does not publish popular or publicizing materials; does not conduct political propaganda; is not an advertising publication.

The key goals of the journal are: supporting researches, spotlighting innovations, systematizing and preserving of information, popularization of knowledge.

With this at the forefront of our mission, we peer review, annotate and publish the submitted materials; form our own base of metadata, articles and archives that correspond with the world’s largest search engines. Our work is aimed at a full collaboration with the scholars, libraries and scientific centers in the area of communication and information awareness.